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Buy and Transfer Bitcoins to Coinprism with

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2014 10:06PM IST
The largest Bitcoin exchange is BitStamp, please read below to learn how to buy and transfer Bitcoins to Coinprism with BitStamp. 

Note that there are more options to buy Bitcoins, check here to see a list of major exchanges, and check here to see instructions to buy and transfer Bitcoins to your Coinprism account with (which is the quickest way to get Bitcoins).

Here are the instructions to buy Bitcoins from BitStamp:
  1. Open a BitStamp account: Open a BitStamp account from For this you need to specify: First Name, Last Name, Email, Country. They will send you a Client ID and Password by email. You can change your BitStamp password by logging in with this temporary password, and visit the BitStamp Account > Settings > Change Password tab. You can also get your BitStamp account verified, but note that this is not a requirement to be able to buy Bitcoins,
  2. Transfer funds: Once your BitStamp account has been created, go to the BitStamp > Deposit tab. You have the choice to do a Euro SEPA Bank Transfer (if you live in Europe, it takes 2-3 business days) or an International Bank Transfer (for other countries, it takes about 5 business days).
    • You will be given the BitStamp account details (Branch number, Account number, SWIFT, BIC, IBAN, etc.) and an 11 digit personal reference code. This personal message code identifies you and will allow your funds to reach your account. 
    • Go to your own bank account, and transfer the desired amount to the given BitStamp account. Do make sure you include your personal reference code as the message, so that BitStamp can correctly attribute the funds to your account.
    • Note that all funds transferred to BitStamp are converted to USD.
  3. Buy Bitcoins: Once you have funds on your BitStamp account, you're all set to buy Bitcoins. Go to the BitStamp > Buy/Sell tab.
    • From the Buy/Sell Bitcoin tab, you can either do an Instant Order or a Limit Order:
      • Instant Order: enter the number of USD you want to transfer in Bitcoins. BitStamp will show you the amount of Bitcoins you will buy:
      • Limit Order: enter the number of Bitcoin you want to buy (it doesn't need to be an integer) and the price you want to buy each Bitcoin. 
    • You will see your open order on the order book tab. Once your order is matched, your account will show the number of Bitcoins on the top bar. 
  4. Now you have Bitcoins, congratulations :-)
  5. Transfer your Bitcoins to Coinprism: To transfer Bitcoins onto your Coinprism account:
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