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Buy and Transfer Bitcoins to Coinprism with Coinbase

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2014 10:05PM IST
The main US website to buy Bitcoins is, it's actually the quickest way to buy Bitcoin, please read below to learn how to buy and transfer Bitcoins to Coinprism using Coinbase.

Note that there are more options to buy Bitcoins, check here to see a list of
 major exchanges, and check here to see instructions to buy and transfer Bitcoins to your Coinprism account with

Here are the instructions to buy Bitcoins from Coinbase:
  1. Open a Coinbase account: Sign up for a Coinbase account from the page For this you need to specify: your email address, a password. Coinbase will then send you an email so that you verify your email address and accept their terms and conditions.
  2. Add your bank account: Once your Coinbase account has been created, go to your Coinbase payment page to add your bank account details. You will need to specify your bank account routing number, bank account number and the full name of your bank account.
  3. Verify your bank account: To verify your bank account, you have the 2 following options: Instant account verification or Deposit verification. See details below:

  4. Verify your phone number: Once you have verified your bank account, you need to verify your phone number from this page. This phone number will be used to enable two-factor authentication on your account. You will need to install the app Authy. Note that you have the alternative to use Google Authenticator. 
  5. Buy Bitcoins: Once you've completed 1 to 4, you're all set, you can buy Bitcoins from the page​
  6. You just need to enter the amount of Bitcoins and Coinbase will tell you how much you need to pay.
  7. Transfer your Bitcoins to Coinprism: To transfer Bitcoins onto your Coinprism account:
    • Login onto and go to the Home tab or Addresses & Colors tab. From there, you'll be able to find your personal Coinprism Bitcoin and Colored Coins wallets addresses.

    • You then need to go to your Coinbase account > Transaction page and click on "Send Money".
      Enter one of your Coinprism Bitcoin wallet address, and the number of Bitcoins you want to send:
    • In your Coinprism account > Transactions tab you will see the deposit and the number of confirmation from the Bitcoin Network.
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