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Is there an open source version of Coinprism?

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2014 10:47PM IST
Colorcore is an open source colored coin wallet compatible the Open Assets protocol and Coinprism.

It supports two modes: a command line interface, and a JSON/RPC server. The command line interface is suitable for managing a local wallet without going through any third-party service. The JSON/RPC interface is suitable for server-side implementations of colored coins and programmatic colored coins wallet management.

Colorcore features:
  • Issue you own coins: Anybody can issue their own coins. It only takes a single Bitcoin transaction. The only fee you have to pay is the Bitcoin transaction fee (which can be zero), which makes Colorcore much more efficient than alternatives like XCP (about $20 to issue an asset). Also, you don't need to buy any intermediary coin (like XCP) since Colored Coins work directly on top of Bitcoin.
  • Send and receive assets: Use your address to receive assets from other people. You can also send assets, again for the price of a standard Bitcoin transaction.
  • Manage crowdfunding campaigns: Finally a way to manage a truly decentralized crowdfuding campaign. You don't have to trust a complex and limited exchange protocol, the "distribute" feature creates standard Bitcoin transactions. There is no magic behind it.
Every asset created or exchanged using Colorcore are visible on the block explorer, and can be sent to a Coinprism web-wallet.

You can read more details about Colorcore in the Bitcoin Wiki.
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