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Colored Coin Specification: Open Assets

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2014 10:46PM IST
Coinprism uses the Open Assets specification. Open Assets is a Colored Coin implementation based on the OP_RETURN operator. Metadata is linked from the Blockchain and stored on the web.

Example of an Open Assets OP_RETURN marker output:
This example illustrates how a marker output is decoded. Assuming the marker output is output 1:
 Data in the marker output                       Description
    ----------------------------------------     -------------------------------------------------------------------
    0x6a                                                 The OP_RETURN opcode.
    0x10                                                 The marker output is 16 bytes long.
    0x4f 0x41                                          The Open Assets Protocol tag.
    0x01 0x00                                         Version 1 of the protocol.
    0x03                                                 There are 3 items in the asset quantity list.
    0xac 0x02 0x00 0xe5 0x8e 0x26         The asset quantity list:
                                                            - '0xac 0x02' means output 0 has an asset quantity of 300.
                                                            - Output 1 is skipped and has an asset quantity of 0
                                                              because it is the marker output.
                                                            - '0x00' means output 2 has an asset quantity of 0.
                                                            - '0xe5 0x8e 0x26' means output 3 has an asset quantity of 624,485.
                                                            - Outputs after output 3 (if any) have an asset quantity of 0.
    0x04                                                 The metadata is 4 bytes long.
    0x12 0x34 0x56 0x78                         Some arbitrary metadata.

If you want to integrate Colored Coins, you can use the OpenAssets Python library for developers.
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